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Japanese Fare and Omakase.

A Masterclass in elevated flavor profiles and exhibition of excess in procuring the highest-grade ingredients possible, combined with Michelin experience and relentless desire to create a memorable dining experience for you.

But first, let's talk about you.

You enjoy the healthy mix of traditional Japanese fare prepared with an incredible depth of flavor and seeing constantly evolving modern creations.

Your tastes are thrill-seeking, your visual senses enjoy creativity, and your imagination is adventurous. 


We believe that modern fare needs to constantly evolve, so while our mainstays will always be available, rest assured that we spend every free minute in the kitchen innovating and experimenting, to bring you with us to the forefront of Japanese fare.

A Look into Our Finest Delicacies.

Signature Sushi Creations


Giant Bluefin Tuna


Japanese Fare Standouts

Cured Pork Belly Skewers

Grilled A5 Wagyu

Ponzu-Infused Veal Chop

Omakase Highlights